Interactive and mobile installation
BJCEM Biennale Skopje

The theme of the Biennial was 7 gates of the city of Skopje after the Myth of the seven entrances in the head of a giant. These 7 gates are the 7 entrances in the head; the eyes, the ears, the nostrils, the mouth. They are our gates to the world, and the world’s entrance into us.
I went looking for 7 gates in present Skopje, selecting them based upon their openness; a gateway to another neighborhood, openness to different nationalities, an open form of architecture, etc. In order to do that, I went through Skopje with an observation-cabin with 7 windows, visited 7 locations in Skopje with it and made a drawing at each one of them. The cabin was not only for observing; it was also a place where people came out of curiosity and to visit me.
Drawing is one of the most elementary things humans can do, to communicate without words; it is where any artist starts from. In my drawings, my own body is visible at the edge of the paper, as seen from the corner of my eye. Each drawing contained information about the place and time the drawing has been made, as well as conversations and events that took place. In this way every sheet represented a certain day at a certain place. Each one of the drawings made previously, was shown in one of the 7 windows of the cabin.
The drawings were presented horizontally, for the visitor to take my position in the drawing, when he or she looked at it.