Interactive installation
Galerie im Saalbau 2012
The project was financially funded by the council of Neukölln – Berlin.

‚Auftauch!Schrank‘ was a collection and redistibuting centre, for manuals for Karl-Marx-street in Berlin Neukölln. The manuals were written by people that live or work in the area, and know the street well. The idea was to ask them how they manage to survive on such a vibrant street like that; and to pass this knowledge on to other users of the street.
The manuals were printed on small cards, and sorted into an old archive for the public to take with them. Their content were practical advice for places, people, shops and things to do on Karl-Marx-Street. But also they contained thoughts, opinions, daily routines and strategies, amongst others, that somehow connected to Karl-Marx-street.
Through the manuals one was offered an insight into the diversity of the street, the many different perspectives and points of view, by which the various generations, as well as different cultural backgrounds were represented. This way the manuals offered real insights and various potential ways of acting in daily life of Karl-Marx-street, where otherwise one just witnesses excerpts and moments.