interactive installation in public space
mixed media - 200 x 200 x 90 cm
2005 – ongoing

The Being-booth is a photobooth for unconscious portraits. The Being-Booth can be put anywhere, is mobile and suggests it functions like an automat.
After inserting Euro 1,- into the slot, the visitor takes place inside of the Being-Booth where it is completely dark. There he/she waits for the picture to be taken.
I am actually in the cabin with my model, but without also seeing anything. I try to concentrate on his/her presence, and I wait untill I think my invisible and unknown model is in an unconscious state of mind. Then, I press the shutter.
The person leaves the Cabin, and waits for the picture to slide into the tray outside. The pictures are Polaroid-images, so everyone has got a unique image of themselves, which I myself even did not see. The text on the bag where it’s being put in, says: MY BEING SELF.

The imprint on the removed cover of the Polaroid, remains with me to be put in an album which contains over 200 of these ‘negatives’ already.