16 Photos, 50 cm x 60 cm

The Being Selves is a series of portraits, which have been made in entire darkness. I, as well as the person that was photographed, was not aware of the image. I took the photo only after several minutes of waiting in entire darkness and silence.

The Being Selves have evolved from an investigation for the unmanipulated face, the face behind the face, in a state of being apart from being awake or asleep. I tried to go beyond knowledge and thoughts, beyond the ego and the consciousness, to get to a pure Being. I was looking for the absence-self, as vague, hazy and unsteady as it is. That’s why these photo’s have been printed out of focus, the viewer is unable to really see them, they remain absent.

The whole process of being together with somebody in entire darkness, in silence and expectation was an intense experience of a meeting, that I wanted to develop further. The photograph as a result became less important. That’s when the Being-Booth was developed.