Magazine -52 pages, A5, edition 2500
German language.
Funded by „Aktionärsfonds KMS 2012.“
Autumn 2012. (download PDF here)

On Karl-Marx-Straße you can find an enormous variety of shopping possibilities and other features. There are numerous kebab places, night shops, clothing boutiques, flower shops, cafes, telephone stores and pharmacies. The street is lively and restless, loud and full, both colorful and grey, cheap as well as expensive. You can be anonymous here and still feel welcome. On Karl-Marx-Straße you’ll find migrants from over 150 countries, but also Germans who have been living here for generations.

The guiding principle of the project 'GEBRAUCHSANLEITUNG FÜR DIE Karl-Marx-Straße' (Manual for the Karl-Marx-strasse)
was the question of how people deal with this diversity.
and to make it possible to share the answers to that question with all the users of Karl-Marx-Straße.

The manual gives very practical information on places, people, shops and activities. But it also contains thoughts, views and rituals that are somehow connected to the street. Therefore the manual is much more than a guidebook, it is a lexicon of the diversity on Karl-Marx-Straße.

The manual is based on contributions of people that 'use' the Karl-Marx-Straße daily, these contributions where collected during the project „Auftauch!Schrank“

The manual was obtainable in the various shops and public places on the Karl Marx strasse, and is still available trough this website (just send me a mail)