Sculpture boulevard, for a school fence of the “
Reginhard” elementary school, Berlin Reinickendorf,
funded by the “Quartiersmanagement Letteplatz”
Two school hours weekly
01.08.2011 - 06.12.2011

The sculpture boulevard was created together with a class of the Reginhard elementary school. The sculptures were made based upon portraits of people living in the neighborhood.
In a four week sociological research in the “Lette-allee” in front of the school, pedestrians were observed, described and interview. Based upon this research the so called “Lettetypes” were selected and turned into sculptures.
The children in pairs of two each worked on one type, in order to cover both sides of the fence. Not only the portraits were painted, also the information about this type was displayed.
With this project, the actual neighborhood around the school has been portrayed, by showing their inhabitants. This way it is also a mirror for the neighborhood, and a monument for different people in the area; a colorful and diverse variety, which is celebrated by the “Letteparade”.