photographic series
2005 - ongoing

I take my pictures at the moment where nobody else is watching anymore, because the day is done. The day is done; the people went back into their houses, leaving the well-lit streets empty with their own performance. A performance without any time, because the artificial light creates an infinite moment. The lonely lamp-posts shine in the night; by chance they form a stage, for the performance of trees and buildings. A reality of always-present and pure nature, amidst off the arbitrariness and temporality of the city.

Photography is essentially exotic, because it always shows us places/angles of view, we’ve never seen before. In my pictures I’d like to try and make it possible to show places of everyday reality, and make it possible for anyone to go visit the place where I took the picture, by putting as much as much information about the exact location in the title. Or by promoting this reality through my pictures.