Mobile Installation with performance
Material: used cupboards, wheels.
Measurements: 200 x 180 x 200 cm

“Flachlandfest “
Arena Berlin

The performative installation “Possibilitator” creates possibilities. The old and used cupboards and drawers contain hidden treasures and surprises. Stickers on the outside categorize the experiences one can have with the content inside. The stickers carry titles like:”possibility to…”. One gets the impression that within these cupboards lies the possibility to „solve all your problems“, „be saved“ or „ to relax“. When the curious visitor expectantly opens the drawer or cupboard, only an object awaits him, like a game of chess “to think”, or a bottle of wine “to enjoy life”.
The possibilities offered are analogue and low-tech. The installation may also be controlled from the inside, where the artist hides in the centre of the cabin and surprises visitors by moving the cabin or offering them a fresh cup of coffee by opening a drawer.

There appears a humoristic contrast between the poetic and universal texts on the outside, and the expectation they create, and the bland and normal objects from daily life found on the inside. By direct connotation, small every day pleasures play the main part in this work. On another level the theme of the work is the language of advertisement, and how it promises to make life better and easier. Thereby the work also speaks of the balance between language and reality in general. How one uses his or her possibilities in the end just depends on what oneself does.