5 day Performance
“Heimatfestival” Potsdam
Germany 2008

This performance took place in the exhibition space of the Festival at the central station of Potsdam. The station is actually a shopping-mall, where there is music playing day and night, and where you can buy anything you need. This transit-zone is therefore made to stay longer, to feel yourself at home. I wanted to research the phenomenon of creating a private space in public space. I went to the station without anything on me except for the clothes I wore and my wallet. During the days I stayed at the station I built a small hut, and I bought everything I needed on the station. I used the station as a big house, and I got to know the people who worked there. During my stay I had a camera positioned above me, which took a picture every hour. The photos I thereby took show the process of me becoming sedentary on a station.