SCHACHTELDENKEN “Thinking in boxes”

Communal art project, conducted for the inner
courtyard of the large allotment property of Bernhard-Bästlein-Straße/Weißenseer Weg/Landsberger Allee, Berlin Lichtenberg.
Funded by the cultural department of Lichtenberg.

26.07.09 – 15-08-09

Conducted in cooperation with Maria Luisa Stock. This project has been developed during the Masters course ‘Raumstrategien’ (“Space strategies”), at the Berlin Weißensee Art School.
‘Schachteldenken’ is a social and cultural project, developed for the inner courtyard of an prefabricated high –rise apartment block in Berlin Lichtenberg. The word “Schachteldenken” is used in reference to a prefabricated building style, much used in the DDR.
Today this type of building looks like cells piled on top of each other, where the inhabitants live their lives anonymously. In this way the apartment blocks are also containers for memories and dreams, for people, animals and objects: a multilateral diversity that stays unseen.
The project aimed to show this unseen diversity, by being a platform for exchange of objects and thought. There was a little wooden ‘box’, which opened everyday to gather objects and people. Central to the project was the exchanging of objects people did not need anymore. Over 200 objects where handed in, more than half of them could be transferred.
The collection-point also was a sort of living room, furnished with all the collected objects. People could come and visit us through the day, drink coffee and chat. Many children came to visit, and we did games and small workshops with them.